Here are some of our favorite drink recipes — a good mix of classics, and those with a bit of a twist. All delicious. All easy.

Tips & Tricks

It’s easy to make a great drink. Really easy. All you need are high quality ingredients, and if you want to step it up, a highball glass.


A highball is as good as it gets — a delicious yet easy-to-make cocktail with a spirit, mixer and ice, all served in a highball glass. Like a chef making a terrific meal, the best way to make a cocktail is to use a few great ingredients and let them shine. So to make a drink you’ll love, choose your favorite spirit and add a great mixer.

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How to Make a Perfect Highball

Step 1: Start With a
Highball Glass

The tall narrow shape of a highball glass concentrates the bubbles of a cocktail, holding the carbonation longer

Step 2:
Add Ice

High quality, larger ice holds carbonation and minimizes dilution, keeping the drink “fizzier” longer.

Step 3:
Pour 1.5 oz Spirit

A highball can be made with any spirit but the quality matters. Pair your best with our best.

Step 4

Step 4: Pour
5 Oz QmixerS

When a highball is ⅓ spirit and ⅔ mixer, your mixer is critically important. That’s why we work tirelessly to give you a mixer with perfect carbonation, that’s less sweet and made with premium ingredients.

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