Q Mixers

Award-winning actor, comedian, television host, and expert drink maker Joel McHale joins the Q Mixers team as the first ever Chief Happy Hour Officer.


Joel will be working with us to show people how to make the happiest part of the day even better with great drinks.

As we look ahead to the summer when people will start getting together again, we will help bring the joy back to Happy Hour. Our spectacular mixers will easily make everyone’s favorite drinks even better and Joel will make sure people remember how to do Happy Hour properly – starting with easy, great drinks but also focusing on important lessons such as wearing pants and telling new jokes that you haven’t been telling for the last year.

As a self-avowed foodie and drinker, who already stocked Q Mixers at his home, joining our team was a no-brainer for Joel. “Discovering Q Mixers was like a two by four to my head. I used to spend all this time selecting the perfect spirit for my drink, only to ruin it with a bad mixer. With Q Mixers, I can easily make my drinks a billion times better because they are made with only the best ingredients, have less sugar, and more carbonation,” said McHale. “I want to say it was hours and hours of hard practice. But actually it was just pouring a can of Q into a glass filled with ice and good booze. I am now an expert at easily making great drinks at home and I’m excited to join the team as Chief Happy Hour Officer, where I’ll help bring excitement back to five o’clock gatherings and show America what a quality mixer looks, or should I say, tastes like.”

Jordan Silbert

5 O’Clock Fizz

The 5 O’Clock Fizz is our Chief Happy Hour Officer Joel McHale’s signature drink, which he describes as “freaking delicious.”


1½ oz Blanco Tequila

¾ oz Campari

¾ oz Lime Juice

5 oz Q Hibiscus Ginger Beer

Orange Peel


Shake all ingredients except the ginger beer and strain into a highball glass filled with ice. Top with Q Hibiscus Ginger Beer and garnish with an orange peel.