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Ginger Ale

Clean and crisp with a bit of fire, we combine ginger, spices, rose oil, and orange to give you a bold ginger ale that stands up to your favorite spirit. Q GINGER ALE makes a perfectly balanced drink every time. Now, if only work and life could be just as balanced.

Available in Bottle (6.7 oz), Bottle (750 mL), and Can (7.5 oz).

24pk/7.5 fl oz Cans

Crafted for

Superior Taste & balance

  • Illustrated icon of an agave plant.
    Icon of Agave

    Subtly sweet to let your drink’s flavor shine.

  • Illustrated icon of coriander and cardamom.
    Icon of Coriander & Cardamom
    Coriander & Cardamom

    Dials up ginger’s spice.

  • Illustrated icon of ginger root.
    Icon of Ginger

    Unmistakable fiery flavor.

  • Illustrated icon of a zested orange peel.
    Icon of Orange Peel
    Orange Peel

    Just the right amount of citrus.

  • Illustrated icon of a rose.
    Icon of Rose Oil
    Rose Oil

    Adds depth and complexity.

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Ginger Ale

+ Whiskey + Lemon

= Whiskey Ginger