Q Mixers

Light Ginger Beer

With organic agave and real ginger, Q Light Ginger Beer is spicy, highly carbonated and not too sweet, without the artificial taste of “Diet” drinks.

Q Light Ginger Beer has half the calories as our regular Ginger Beer, so you can have a lighter cocktail without sacrificing taste.

Available in 7.5 oz cans and 6.7 oz, 500 ml and 750 ml bottles


Q Ginger Beer has a strong ginger punch and is very spicy. That’s because we use real ginger, and lots of it.


Agave nectar is prized by chefs worldwide for its gently rounded sweetness. So we use organic agave nectar – not high fructose corn syrup or bleached sugar. This allows the subtleties in your spirit to shine through and makes a much more refreshing drink.

Chili Peppers

Chili peppers add an extra kick to Q Ginger Beer, particularly at the front of the palate.


A drink stays fizzier longer when it starts with more carbonation. So we pack in as much carbonation as possible, even if it requires us to run our production line more slowly.

Moscow Mule

A lighter version of this iconic drink which is made with spicy ginger beer, vodka and the juice of a lime.


1½ oz your favorite vodka

5 oz Q Light Ginger Beer

Lime Wedges


Fill a highball glass or copper mug with ice. Pour in the vodka and squeeze in a lime, leaving the lime wedge in the glass. Pour in the Q Light Ginger Beer and gently stir.