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Margarita Mix

A refreshing margarita mixer that delivers a bold dose of tartness with just the right balance of sweet. Crafted with key lime juice and a hint of organic agave, this margarita mix gives you the citrusy goodness you love while letting your favorite tequila shine through. With your margarita mix covered, there’s only one question left to ask: salt or Tajin?

Available in Bottle (32oz), and Can (7.5 oz).

Crafted for

Superior Taste & balance

  • Illustrated icon of an agave plant.
    Icon of Agave

    Subtly sweet to let your drink’s flavor shine.

  • Illustrated icon of a sliced key lime.
    Icon of Key Limes
    Key Limes

    The true “Bartender’s” Lime, known for their sharp tartness and citrusy aroma.

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Margarita Mix

+ Tequila + Lime Juice

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