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Ginger Ale

Clean and crisp with a bit of fire, we combine ginger, spices, rose oil, and orange to give you a bold ginger ale that stands up to your favorite spirit. Q GINGER ALE makes a perfectly balanced drink every time. Now, if only work and life could be just as balanced.

Available in Bottle (6.7 oz), Bottle (750 mL), and Can (7.5 oz).

Crafted for

Superior Taste & balance

  • Illustrated icon of an agave plant.
    Icon of Agave

    Subtly sweet to let your drink’s flavor shine.

  • Illustrated icon of coriander and cardamom.
    Icon of Coriander & Cardamom
    Coriander & Cardamom

    Dials up ginger’s spice.

  • Illustrated icon of ginger root.
    Icon of Ginger

    Unmistakable fiery flavor.

  • Illustrated icon of a zested orange peel.
    Icon of Orange Peel
    Orange Peel

    Just the right amount of citrus.

  • Illustrated icon of a rose.
    Icon of Rose Oil
    Rose Oil

    Adds depth and complexity.

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Ginger Ale

+ Whiskey + Lemon

= Whiskey Ginger